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Climate Controlled Storage
Preserve your valuable property

image Climate-controlled storage units use Air Conditioning and Heating to achieve temperatures that never fall below 45°F in the winter, or rise above 80°F in the summer. Severe hot or cold weather can damage items stored in storage units.

Oklahoma City, Yukon, and Mustang, Oklahoma is in a geographic area of extreme weather conditions. Our climate-controlled storage units provide the ideal solution for storing your personal or business-related items.

We Deliver Quality:

Use our handy STORAGE CALCULATOR to estimate the amount of space to fit your storage needs.

Computer-controlled security gates –
Our gate allows 24/7 access and security. Each Customer has a personal entry code which opens the gate and turns off the alarm on their personal unit.

133 HD Day/Night Cameras –
133 HD cameras digitally record the property, securing it 24/7. Westpointe is always adding new ways to help secure the property and our tenants.

Enclosed perimeter –
The fully enclosed perimeter allows the only entrance permitted to be by code or by employee’s permission.

Individual door alarms –
Each storage unit has an alarm on its door, allowing us to view if it was opened without the code being entered first.

Security lighting –
Our facility is fully lit, automatic lights inside each building when the doors are opened, and light inside each unit. Don’t worry about going around dark corners. No need to bring a flashlight or try holding a cellphone above your head while searching for something in your unit.

Professional Management –
With our live on site management, there is virtually someone here all 24/7, available for emergencies and planned ahead events.

Climate Controlled Unit Sizes –
Climate Controlled Unit Sizes are 5’x5’, 5’x10’,10’x5’(wider door), 10’x10’, 10’x15’, and 12’x20’